HIMF | Who are we?
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Hey there. We are Jesse & Andrew. Together, we areĀ Hello, I make films.

What makes us different than other companies? We pride ourselves for being non-intrusive videographers. We bring minimal gear that won’t take up a lot of space so that you get to enjoy your special day without having to avoid huge pieces of equipment.

We are also the photographer’s videographer. That means that we let your photographer take charge. This allow you to stress less since you don’t have to make sure that you have enough time for both photo and video. Whatever the photographer wants from you… we will adapt!



You are looking for video. Well, Jesse is your man! He has been working with Hello, I make films since the beginning. He even brainstormed the name! He loves to make videos and play music. He will be the main shooter, most of time, during your wedding day and will do final approvals on your wedding video to make sure everything is as beautiful as it should be.


Andrew is Jesse's partner in crime. Before joining hello, I make films, he worked as a professional video editor in a ...an another industry. No need to know all the details. You just have to know that he really knows his editing.

All jokes aside, he compliments jesse's work perfectly. Together they'll make you the best video for your wedding or your business.