HIMF | How much?
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Like every creative job, every job is different. It really depends of a lot of different factors:


  • What’s your video going to be about? A person? A product? A store?
  • How long do you want your video to be? -How many different style of shots would you like?
  • How many hours would you need us for? (if it’s an event)
  • How much editing will I need to do after everything is shot?
  • How many people will I need to assist me during your shoot?
  • Will I need different style of equipment to achieve the look you desire?
  • and so many more other factors…


Typically, we charge approximately 200$/h for our videos.


However, before you run away scared because you are a small business and you think that you can’t afford us ! Remember that it’s always easier to contact us with the details with your project so that we can evaluate your needs and give you a proper quote for your project.


Our consultations are FREE. So a phone call won’t cost you a thing other than a little time.


We can even show you examples of work we accomplished and how much THOSE videos cost, to give you an idea. Check out the contact us page and send us an email so we can talk about your project and we can make your video a reality.